I recently decided that I don’t do nearly enough writing. I don’t really email anyone anymore, and when I do it’s only a short note generally, nor do I actually sit down and write anyone a letter, write essays or anything else. Forum posts hardly count; most of the forums I post on are almost like glorified chat programs for me and are far too relaxed and informal to actually help my writing skill at all. So to remedy this I decided I shall ramble away on here sometimes. Probably not too often, or all that regularly. And it may not have any particular bearing to anything in my life. It could be a random thought that popped into my head, inspired by a person or event during the day or just be something totally unrelated to anything or anyone around me.

I am going to keep at least one section updated regularly however; the ‘Organising my life’ section. This is simply due to the fact that keeping a diary of such activities is more likely to keep me inspired to continue rather than just let them trail off and also hopefully anyone who reads this and notices me stop updating can give me a good kick up the backside!


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    […] originally started blogging back in July 2009 on a different WordPress blog (some of the posts I intend to move over to here eventually) simply […]

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